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Uniform ticket for all trains is coming to the Czech railways on June 14 2020. The first ones to test it would be passengers from Usti, Liberec and Pilsen regions on selected lines.

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14. 6. 2020

Field testing of OneTicket begins

Field tests begin on Sunday, June 14, and are focused on detecting possible errors and tuning the system to be fully functional on transition to live operation. The scope of the field testing is in line with previously published intention - 5 carriers, 2 tracks and 146 lines.

20. 3. 2020

Field tests are coming this June

Fild tests are planned to begin this June, as the first opportunity for public to try OneTicket. This process is meant to technologically test the system in the real operation and debug all the issues, that may occur while deploying. As the system is going live this December, every functionallity needs to be tested.

At first, five carriers would be involved within two areas of the Czech republic. With OneTicket, you don't have to puzzle over which train you can take. No matter if it's green, yellow, orange, blue or dotted, OneTicket would be valid for all carriers, who are involved in field test. You also can switch between trains without buying new tickets.

Field test areas are chosen the way that on each railway is more than one carrier, so everyone could choose and test OneTicket well.

There are both field test areas shown on the map and diagrams above. You can choose to take either fast trains of Arriva or regional train of České Dráhy between Rumburk and Česká Lípa. For the ones regularly travelling to school or work is there line OneTicket, which saves you from being able to use trains of on carrier only. You simply choose the time and train, that suits your needs.

The second area of field tests goes from Plzeň to Most. You can switch from fast trains of GW Train Regio to local trains of České Dráhy while travelling from Plzeň. Travellers from Most, Chomutov and Žatec can choose between trains of RegioJet ÚK and the ones of Die Länderbahn CZ. More information regarding OneTicket, including pricing conditions, could be found in individual sections of this website.

Why one ticket?

New carriers arrive on Czech railways - on long-haul routes as well as in regions.

While trains and services will change significantly, the simplicity and connectivity of the railways must be maintained.

That is why One Ticket for All is created.


Allows you to travel on any connection within days of validity. You can easily solve even place reservations.


It combines train travel with public transport and regional regional transport. Pay across carriers


It guarantees passengers all the rights and benefits of a single transport contract.


Simplifies travel for people with reduced mobility and orientation.


Open ticket for the whole Czech Republic

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people often ask us

People often ask us

Do I get a discount as a student or pensioner?

Yes, all government-ordered discounts apply.

Will OneTicket replace carrier tickets?

No, even will still be able to purchase a ticket under the carrier's tariff, including business offers. However, there is a new, universal alternative with additional benefits.

Can I combine OneTicket with IN25 ČD discount?

Unfortunately no. The ticket is valid for all carriers and therefore does not work with individual company discounts.

Can I cancel a ticket?

Yes, it goes at carrier checkouts or online - depending on where it was purchased. Since it is open, refunds are possible before the first day of validity.

Is it possible to travel with the OneTicket on compulsory reservation trains?

Of course, you only need to get a seat reservation. The price of a reservation starts at 0 CZK and is always determined directly by the carrier, who also decides on exact conditions for its replacement or return.

Does OneTicket allow business / premium travel on trains where is available?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a supplement to the higher classes for a ticket, usually in the form of a reservation for the respective car. The price of these reservations is determined directly by the carrier and may vary.

Does OneTicket work for regular commuting?

Yes, the offer includes both line and network tickets with a valid from 7 to 365 days. In all cases they are more advantageous than individual tickets.

Will it be possible to pay with a card?

At the stations and on the trains, OneTicket will be sold by individual carriers as they have been - card payment support is growing steadily but is not yet nationwide. A list of points of sale and information on the card payment option will be posted on the website. When making purchases over the Internet, card payments are a matter of course.

Can more people use the time ticket?

No, all route and network tickets are tied to the passenger identity and are not transferable.

Can I combine OneTicket with part-time IDS coupons?

Yes, if the ticket is issued to the station where the train actually stops and the customer has purchased all the necessary zones / zones for the entire journey. However, this division loses some of the advantages, in particular the transfer guarantee and the right to compensation in the event of difficulties.

Can OneTicket be used for trips abroad?

Not yet, tickets are valid in the Czech Republic.