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One Ticket
for all

A universally usable ticket to guide you through your entire journey – regardless of which carrier you use and how many times you switch trains. These tickets are valid in all trains within the Czech Republic. As a passenger, you are free to choose a train operator and connect seamlessly.

How it works

Why OneTicket?

New operators are entering the Czech rail market – both on long-distance and regional routes.

The trains and passenger service will change, but user simplicity and network integrity needs to remain firmly in place.

That is where OneTicket comes in.


OneTicket enables travel on any train service on a given route. You can also simply add a seat reservation for a specific train.

Universally valid

OneTicket combines your rail journey with connecting local transit at your point of origin and destination, all in a single ticket. It is accepted by all rail carriers.


OneTicket guarantees all passenger rights and assurances thanks to a single contract of carriage for your entire trip.


OneTicket simplifies travel for passengers with reduced mobility or those requiring special assistance.


An open ticket for your travel in the Czech Republic.

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How it works?

Your OneTicket takes the form that fits your needs: you can get it as a paper ticket, store it in a mobile device or pair it virtually with a supported NFC card. You can choose your preferred way for every trip you také.

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Digital on-screen ticket

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Virtual NFC ticket

You’re not missing out on anything you’ve come to expect from rail travel – if you prefer to take advantage of the carriers’ special offers, you can still arrange your trip directly with them and find a fare that best suits your needs.

Who will get the most from OneTicket?

OneTicket is a ticket for all, though it’s especially valuable to those who need simplicity and flexibility.


On routes with multiple competing rail carriers, OneTicket is accepted by all of them.


Simply take the first available train.


When you need to connect from one carrier to another, you don’t need to buy multiple tickets.


When you are traveling as a group or when you need special assistance, OneTicket helps you arrange everything in one place.

OneTicket is also available as a season pass, either for a single route, or for the entire Czech rail network. Options range from 7 to 365 days of validity and you don’t need a special card – passes work exactly the same as single tickets.

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News and recent developments

07. června 2019

Czech Raildays 11. – 13. 2019

Příští týden jsme v Ostravě! Od úterý do čtvrtka běží #czechraildays, a to je šance zeptat se na všechno, co Vás zajímá kolem #oneticket, tedy jednotného tarifu na železnici. Najdete nás v hale A1 a určitě nás nepřehlédnete. Těšíme se na Vás!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all government-mandated discounts are applicable, including children, seniors, students and passengers with disabilities.

No, carrier-specific fares will still be available, including company-specific discounts and special offers. OneTicket simply offers a new, open alternative with additional benefits.

No. IN25 and related products are specific to České dráhy. Since OneTicket is valid networkwide, it is not compatible with carrier-specific discounts.

Sure, you can return your ticket for a refund – either a ticket counter or online, depending on where you bought it. Since OneTicket is an open ticket for a specific date, cancellation is only possible before the start of its validity. Cancellation fees may apply.

When buying online, debit/credit card payment is always available and preferred. When purchasing at a ticket counter or onboard, available payment methods depend on the specific carrier’s policy. A list of all sales points will be available online and will list available payment options.

Yes, as long as the entirety of your journey is covered by eligible tickets. Just beware that split ticketing may void some passenger rights assurances.

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Sure, just make sure you have a valid seat reservation when boarding. You can book a seat at the time of your OneTicket purchase or even afterwards. Reservation prices start at 0 CZK, exact prices and change policies are determined by the train’s operator.

Yes, you can upgrade your OneTicket to a higher class of service at any time, usually by means of purchasing a seat reservation for a specific cabin. The fare difference will be determined by the carrier and can change over time.

Yes, you can buy a route pass or a network pass with a validity ranging from 7 days to a full year. Passes are always more economical than buying multiples of single tickets.

No, not at this point. OneTicket currently only covers the Czech Republic.

No, all route and network passes are tied to a specific passenger and cannot be shared.